Saiga Shotgun conversions and services
Conversion Services:

Standard Conversion package.

  • Demill.
  • Weld over old trigger axis and and trigger guard holes and dress.
  • Cut pistol grip slot & supply pistol grip mounting hardware.
  • Install triggerguard. Choice of (a)new made rivet on trigger guard and pistol grip reinforcement plate (supplied) ~ Or ~ (b) Tromix weld on tg and safety stop pin (supplied) ~ Or ~ (c) re-shape and re-use demill triggerguard + add safety stop pin.
  • Gas system tune. Including convert to 4 hole system if necessary.
  • Recontour bolt, bolt carrier and HTS for smoother function and easier mag insertion on closed bolt. Clean up extrator cut and ramp barrel (bottom)
  • Install G2 hammer/trigger/sear set (supplied). Modified to fit and function in S-12 Includes new retainer wire.
  • Test fire (both max dram Buck and low-brass birdshot) approx 50 rnds
  • All other necessary fitting/tweaking (mag well, carrier rails, extractor tuning, safety fit, etc)
  • Duracoat exterior and carrier (choice of colors).



Parts supplied with package price are:

Triggerguard (choice of 3)
Pistol Grip bolt/nut
G2 Hammer, trigger & sear


Trigger job/2-stage/etc. mods available seperate (below)

Conversion add-ons, upgrades and a la carte services:   (labor only unless specified)
Cut and thread barrel $60.00 Pic coming soon
Pin, solder or weld on muzzle device $20.00  
Install underfolding stock $125.00  
Install AK-100 side folding stock $175.00 Pic coming soon
Install Ace or tromix type folding stock (TIG welded rear trunnion) $90.00  
Vertical charging handle (supplied) $95.00 Pic coming soon
Install HK style sights $75.00  
Install Krebs sights $10.00  
Remove front sight from gas block, weld over sight hole and dress smooth/round $20.00 Nice touch when using Krebs or other front sight tower.
Remove (Weld over) "Read Owners Manual" or other receiver writing $35.00  
Ventilate factory handguard $30.00 Pic coming soon
Modify G2 double hook trigger for take-up and over-travel $30.00 Saiga12
Modify G2 trigger to 2-stage trigger pull $20.00

This is a partial list of services and possible modifications.

For any other modifications or services call or email for availability and a price quote. I am happy to accomodate special requests for modifications that will make your Saiga-12 fit your needs.


Note: US compliance parts, stocks, pistol grips and other parts in stock for purchase. Inventory and pricing varies and can be quoted on request.




Parkerize all steel parts


Parkerize Barrelled action only $95.00  
GunKote entire rifle $175.00  
Duracoat entire rifle (Exterior and carrier only. Includes one magazine) $125.00  
Cerakote entire rifle $195.00  
Parkerize + GunKote COMBO $299.00  
Parkerize + DuraCoat COMBO $275.00  
Parkerize + Cerakote COMBO $329.00  

ULTIMATE REFINISH: Parkerize + GunCoat entire rifle + DuraCoat exterior! This is the ultimate battle rifle finish. A time tested winning combo of parkerization and self lubricating, rock hard resin GunKote finish to all parts* provides protection + durability. The duracoat exterior adds yet another proven protectant and a more textured, dimentional finish.


* All carbon steel parts are parkerizend. Other metals that are not able to be parkerized are aci d etched prior to GunKote. .

Springs, some pins and all non metal parts are not refinished.

Camoflage: Most three color patterns. Fee for all DuraCoat packages.

Camoflage: Most three color patterns. Fee is for any GunKote or Cerakote package.

+ $65.00


+ $100.00


Pics coming soon!


General Labor / Misc:

Man Hour


Machine Hour $85.00  

Minimum charge is $20 on all labor

Most estimates are done free of charge unless otherwise specified.